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About Us

We raise our puppies within our home. We take pride in the puppies that we produce and want to provide you with a great pomsky puppy. We are located about an hour south of Chicago, Illinois.

We are a members of the American Pomsky Kennel Club (APKC), Pomsky Breeders Association (PBA), and Pomsky Owners Association (POA). We abide by the Code of Ethics for all groups. 

We are also a member of Good Dog - Responsible Breeders Program and are Puppy Culture Affiliate Program.

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What We Provide

We do provide shipping at an extra cost of $500. We will hand deliver the puppy to you. You will just have to meet us at the airport. This will most likely be a weekend time frame. If we are unable to accommodate the time frame, we will use a flight nanny. The companies that we use are D&D Doggie Delivery or TLC Flight Nannies. It all depends on the time of the year and the airline since the companies we use flies with the puppy inside the cabin of the plane. They also fly standby. The cost includes the ticket price from Chicago to the destination. If you are within driving distance, we will just charge you for the cost of gas after the 150 miles that we do include are deducted. The cost per mile is 60 cents. Shipping will include an airline approved travel crate, small toy, food and the extra paperwork from the vet whether it is through driving or airline. We are located near O'Hare and Midway Airport in Illinois. 

All of our puppies are vet checked and will come with 1 set of age appropriate shots given at their 8 week check up.


They will also be dewormed at 2 weeks, 4, weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks.


Puppies do not come with a rabies shot as they are too young to get them at 8 weeks. Your vet will let you know when they should receive it.


If you would like your puppy to have a microchip, it will be an additional cost as we do not provide it on all puppies. The additional cost will be $60.


They will also come with their shot records and their vet check certificate from our vet. 

All puppies will come with their different registration certifications. These will provide you with their own registration number. It is a prepaid certificate, but it is up to you to register them under you once you receive it.

Your puppy will also come with it's own Embark DNA test that includes Genetic Health Testing as well as breed verification.


It is up to our discretion if we are going to give out breeding rights or not. Breeding rights may make the puppy cost more. If we do not deem a puppy fit for breeding, we do have a spay/neuter contract in place. We will require your pet to be spayed or neutered by 8 months, unless your veterinarian deems the animal unfit for surgery. We will need proof from your vet. 

We also will provide a 1 year health guarantee again any genetic defects.

 Trupanion Vet Insurance
APKC Registration
POA Certification
Embark DNA Test
1 year Health Guarantee

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